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Planetarium Shows

Dream to Fly
Since the beginning of history, people have dreamed of flying. Tales of mythical dragon flights thrilled ancient dreamers. Storytellers wove airy fantasies of magic carpet rides. Leonardo da Vinci stoked the dreams of flight with his fantastic drawings and through his eyes, we learned to look to nature for the secrets of flight.

When Montgolfier took to the skies in a balloon, the dream finally became reality. The Wright Brothers swept us up to the sky and started a revolution. It wasn't long before our immense and challenging dreams of soaring through the air became an everyday occurence.

Dream To Fly is a poetic and touching story of aviation development through the ages. It presents the significant milestones on our route to conquering the skies, both in terms of technological breakthroughs, as well as our perceptions of flying itself.

This is a ticketed event. Please purchase tickets at the WWU Box Office. (Tickets are not sold at the door.) The Dr. Leslie E. Spanel Planetarium is located in Haggard Hall Room 313.

Friday, February 2, 2018
6:30pm - 7:30pm
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Planetarium Shows

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